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Werner Sieff

Painter from Tyrol, Austria

About me

With my pictures I depict the special moments and moods of mountain motifs. My focus is on the region of North, East and South Tyrol. It is often only very brief moments that impress the viewer, such as the last rays of sunshine before a thunderstorm, which then shine through a gap in the cloud and thus light up a mountain farm or a mountain peak.
There is a special magic inherent in the moods before or after a thunderstorm. The play with light is in the foreground in my pictures. Only through the light do the pictures become something special. The play with light and shadow contrasts make the pictures appear real and vivid.
My works represent the simple and dispensable life in the Tyrolean mountains, without electricity or running water. The joy of painting is my priority.


Permanent exhibitions:

Castle Englar, South Tyrol ( Italy)
“Das Kofel” Restaurant at Patscherkofel nearby Innsbruck
Mutterer Alm Restaurant Bergstation nearby Innsbruck
SDZ Dr. Smekal / Dr. Braunsberger in Innsbruck


Arbeiterkammer Kunstmarkt, 2014
Galerie Bertrand Kass, 2015
Galerie Bertrand Kass, 2016
Götzner Kunsttage, 2017
and many more
Werner Sieff
Tyrol, Austria

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What was your artistic journey?

I am self-taught and I am constantly developing my own style.
I find my inspiration on mountain tours or on old postcards and photos.
The joy of painting is my priority.
At the moment I am influenced by painters like Oskar Mulley, Alfons Walde, Herbert Danler and Franz Schwetz.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

Since I grew up in Innsbruck, one of the most beautifully situated cities in the Alps, and also live here, the region is the central influencing factor in my art.
The unique connection of urban life in Innsbruck with the omnipresent alpine landscape is an almost logical development for my art. The strength of the Tyrolean women lies in their connection to the country and the mountains. I also try to make this power, which arises from the connection to the country, visible in my pictures. This solidarity and strength has motivated Tyrolean women to fight for their country in the past when it was necessary. Although the Austrian or the Tyrolean way was aptly pronounced by Emperor Maximilian:

Bella gerant alii, tu, felix Austria (Tyrol), nube; Nam quae Mars aliis, dat tibi regna Venus! – Let the others wage war! You, happy Austria (Tyrol), get married!

About my specific techniques

I use different painting and spatula techniques that make my pictures look alive. Most of the sky is painted with a brush to bring the delicacy of the clouds onto the canvas. In contrast to this, the contours of the mountains and the mountain farms are represented using a very “rough” spatula technique. This technique is almost ideal for depicting the simply built houses and courtyards in combination with rugged mountain landscapes, leaving the viewer plenty of scope for individual interpretation of the images.
The combination of brush and spatula technique gives the pictures a special charm. The colors are mixed exclusively on the spatula. The partially iridescent colors are mixed with reflective particles, which make the images look different depending on the angle of view and sunlight. Sunlight makes the pictures glow, indirect or weak light make the pictures appear matt. By using the colors like brown, gray and gold, the pictures appear very warm and earthy.

The region of Tyrol, Austria

Young contemporary and modern art created by national and international artists: How does that fit together with huge glaciers, spectacular peaks, narrow valleys and an almost incomprehensible, fascinating mountain landscape? In an unexpected and impressive way, Tyrol provides evidence of how the two can be combined radically and conventionally, abstractly and plastically into a harmonious synthes…
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