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Valentino Biagio Berndt

Mexican-German multichannel Artist from Stuttgart

About me

I am a Mexican-German Artist based in Stuttgart, Germany. My work bridges the realms of Music, Art, Science, Environmentalphenomena and Cultural History. On a very poetic level, I want to make visible, touchable, audible what is sometimes invisible to our minds, to inspire others and at the same time open a communication channel for sharing experiences.


2019 MAVA – Atelieraustellung, Lange Nacht der Museen, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany / Art is Easy
2018 Stereochroms, ABK Stuttgart, DE
Diplom – Borders of Sculpture (Pensemoos & O.T.O:Q), Gustav Siegle Haus, Stuttgart, DE
2017 LOOPSTATION Performance, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany
2015 SKETCHING WITH THE MOON, La face cacheé de la Lune, L‘Entrepot, Paris, France
JAMMING WITH THE SUN, Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany
2014 SHOOTING THE CODE, Top 50 2014, Blooom Award, Germany
MAVA Petrifying momnuments – Experiment Landscape, Herrenwies, Germany
Valentino Biagio Berndt
Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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What was your artistic journey?

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

About my specific techniques

Stereochrome is a cymatic research with glass painting. It investigates the aesthetic and graphic aspects of chemical reactions under the influence of stereo waves in
Using a membrane and a sound generator, water and melting pigments on a glass plate are made to vibrate until they dry out. The water serves as universal conductor and main actor to make frequency networks visible. The amount of water, the format, volume and pitch determine the dynamics of the cymatics.
Here the observation begins. When observing, I choose to support or counter the current reality of sounds and images. I can accept or reject the state of sound. As I conti- nue to work on the image, I decide what amount of color will continue to connect with the image while it sounds in resonance with the glass plate.

The region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The country in the southwest was once known for tinkerers, cars and thrift. Some things are changing, a lot is in upheaval in the third-largest state with more than eleven million inhabitants: the economy, technology, everyday culture. If you take a closer look, you will find a rich mixture of high culture and subcultures, old and new masterpieces, diverse international influences and in between s…
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