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Painter and sculptor, Vorarlberg

About me

Thomas Anton Rauch
1964 Feldkirch, autodidact
2015 Admission to the Professional Association of Visual Artists Austria
lives and works in Feldkirch
Art confirms, negates, stimulates, repels, provokes, amuses, makes happy. I could add a few dozen more expressions or moods here, which also prove true in my works every day. I also provoke, see it as my artistic duty to take up grievances from politics and society, but the black humor must not come up short. Humor is important and yet is not the greatest concern in my works. I try to stimulate with this wonderful medium something that every human being carries inside. It is simply the imagination. A large part of our society today is in danger of losing this enchanting disposition due to the new social media that provide entertainment around the clock. Imagination has the beautiful property of overturning or suspending worldly, natural and even cosmic laws; it is a natural remedy that must be preserved because it makes us happy.


Exhibitions and artistic activities
2021 Professional association members exhibition “an Vogel“ at Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz
2020 Solo exhibition Mythen und Menschen, Art Galerie Kukuphi, Bludenz
2020 Rat Aess collective exhibition Cafe, Galerie Europa, Düsseldorf (postponed due to Covid-19)
2020 Kunstwoche Triesen, artistic work with students of Oberschule Triesen and vernissage (postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19)
2020 Rat Aess collective exhibition “Fotografie trifft Farbe” ARTBOX.Gallery, Giessereistr. 1, 8005 Zürich (postponed due to Covid-19)
2020 RatAess collective exhibition Vaduz (postponed due to Covid-19)
2020 RatAess collective exhibition “Stadtgeflüster” former Cafe Feuerstein, Stone Club
2019 Collective exhibition with Alexander Ess, Stefan Finzgar, Clemens Walser and Nikola Bartenbach Studio Cle
2019 Swiss Art Expo SBB Eventhalle Zürich, Switzerland
2019 Solo exhibition „Life“ Revelo, Principality of Liechtenstein
2019 Winner in the artist collective with Alexander Ess of the SWISSARTEXPO international “Colour the Swiss Mountains 2019” award. The gondola we designed will be exhibited in the SBB Eventhalle in Zurich as a highlight at SWISSARTEXPO Zurich 1.0 from August 15-19 and then the gondola will move on to the Flumserberg, where it will be put into operation on a newly opened Bartholet gondola lift from December 2019, thus adding color and creativity to the mountain.
2019 Alexander Ess and I found the artist collective RatAess är
2018 Solo exhibition “maliziös” Villa Müller Feldkirch
2018 Art week Triesen, artistic work with pupils, high school Triesen
2018 Collective exhibition of the members of the professional association at the Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz
2018 Teilnahme Art Salzburg Contemporary, represented by Galerie Artinnovation
2018 Participation Art Bodensee, represented by Gallery 22a, Innsbruck
2018 Solo exhibition Gallery 22a, Innsbruck 18.05.-10.08.
2018 Solo exhibition “unauffällig auffällig überfällig” Villa Falkenhorst Thüringen
2017 Solo exhibition and life performance for the long night of the museums solo exhibition and life performance “Operation am lebenden Bild” Galerie Chybulsky Feldkirch
2017 Artistic redesign of the “two toques” Restaurant Rauch in Feldkirch with new sculptures and objects.
2016 Joint exhibition of the members of the professional association at the Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz
2016 Benefit exhibition for the Netz für Kinder in the Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn and Taxis
2016 Joint exhibition of the new members of the professional association at the Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz
2015 Exhibition “Vis- Coll- und Schmieragen” Restaurant Rauch in Feldkirch
2014 Performance with a painting machine for the long night of the museums, Galerie Chybulski in Feldkirch
2014 Bazart in Hard, small pictures
Vorarlberg, Austria

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What was your artistic journey?

I have been an autodidact artist since the early 90s.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

The region I grew up in was not necessarily a source of inspiration, the more I was inspired by the artists of the 20th century and their fields of application.

About my specific techniques

For the most part, my painting is in the medium of oil.
The motifs mostly figurative, whereby I always experiment and so juggle between Surrealism and Abstractness or can even end up in a constructive assemblage, you never know so exactly when starting a new work.
The sculptures are mostly welded from steel, which can also sometimes merge with various found objects. Sometimes utilitarian objects arise, such as chairs, tables, champagne coolers, but just as often things arise that are not useful for anything other than to look at them. Well then …

The region of Vorarlberg, Austria

“Help comes from Bregenz, but Bregenz is far,” Franz Kafka, the famous Austrian writer, once used to say. At first glance, Bregenz, the capital of the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, often affectionately called “Laendle”, may seem far from the world of internationally operating galleries, the big art collectors, the bustling art colleges, and even the global art circus.
When taking a close…
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