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Mosaic artist from Greece

About me

From a young age I was involved in painting and drawing. On my walks on the beaches, I collected shells which i put together side by side, trying to get them together and create something out of them.
As time went by, my interest in painting and shells was gaining my interest more and more, and developed what became later my own art.
In recent years, I have been introduced to the world of Byzantine Hagiography and new knowledge, colors and materials, from antiquity to the present day, have opened new exciting paths ahead of me.
These now roads, but also the old ones, my own, I walk, with the knowledge I gain from my mental and real journeys, trying at the same time to translate the materials I find on the beaches, into my own works of art.


Preveza, Epirus, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

About my specific techniques

The region of Preveza, Epirus, Greece

Preveza is a city coming from the past. Although its name is quite recent, the city has been through difficulties, battles, and evolutions. Preveza (Πρέβεζα in Gr) got its name from the modern Slavic word prěvozъ meaning passageway, probably due to the city’s seaside location and port access. It is the capital city of the Preveza region, located in its northern part, and next to the Amb…
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