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Painter from Hamburg, Germany

About me

Let us beautify life with art, preserve moments and emotions from life.
My goal is to inspire people for art!


Mit Kunst das Leben verschönern, Momente und Emotionen aus dem Leben konservieren.
Menschen für Kunst begeistern!


Galerieka 2018
Stereo events 2019
Galerieka 2019
Who’s perfect 2020
Hamburg, Germany

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What was your artistic journey?

I am a self thought artist ! I teach myself everything and I like to be surprised.
Since I started as I street art artist I used to be disappointed when my creations where painted-over and downstream lost.
Somehow I decided to change my playing ground more to canvas and this was where my journey started.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

I am from Hamburg, Germany – a very openminded city in the Northern part of Germany. My hometown has inspired me in my artistic path.

About my specific techniques

I only paint with acrylic for the base, I also use spray cans and markers.

The region of Hamburg, Germany

Due to its impressive harbor Hamburg always used to have an open mindset. The arrival of different cultures and nationalities have shaped the inhabitants’ behavior on cosmopolitanism.
As the probably most known Hanseatic city in Northern Germany it can be proud of a very long history of merchants and trade.
A few comments on Hamburg with a twinkling eye: the permanently bad weather t…
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