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Painter from Vorarlberg

About me

My goal is to leave a artwork heritage after the end of my life.
It is important for me to show to the audience what has influenced my life.
Within my pictures I process topics that occupy myself.
These topics deal with love, hate, fear or trust.
My biggest love is wildlife and my homeland Vorarlberg in Austria.


Vorarlberg, Austria

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What was your artistic journey?

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

About my specific techniques

The region of Vorarlberg, Austria

“Help comes from Bregenz, but Bregenz is far,” Franz Kafka, the famous Austrian writer, once used to say. At first glance, Bregenz, the capital of the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, often affectionately called “Laendle”, may seem far from the world of internationally operating galleries, the big art collectors, the bustling art colleges, and even the global art circus.
When taking a close…
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