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Julia Asenbaum

Biologist and Painter from Vienna, Austria

About me

I was born to a family of art historians. My father is an expert in Vienna 1900 which is so to say Vienna’s Golden Age. I grew up with these aesthetics and think the they have sharpened my eye for beautiful. At the same time I was always fascinated with the the natural world and l love science.


International Botanical Art Show, Seoul 2020
The Florilegium – A gathering of Flowers, Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh UK 2020
Plantae 2020, Mall Galleries London
Plantae 2019, Mall Galleries London
Julia Asenbaum
Vienna, Austria

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What was your artistic journey?

Self thought artist, biologist, plant scientist, currently studying scientific illustration at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

Vienna is the only city in Europe where two large climate zones meet. It’s incredible how diverse its flora and fauna is!
London is my second home. I love Kew Gardens and was always fascinated with all the great scientists such as Darwin and Wallace! Natural History and scientific illustration has a long tradition and is visible everywhere you go.

About my specific techniques

I normally paint larger than life, using a microscope to capture every detail, often not visible to the naked eye. My aim is to capture nature as realistically as possible. I mainly work with water colour and have developed my own technique of applying coatings of gelatine to the paper. This allows me to paint very fine details and has the benefit that colours appear more vibrant.
I always wanted to capture the beauty of the natural world. What fascinates me the most, is that all live forms, all their shapes and colours are defined by their function. They were forged by million years of evolution and they are complex beyond our understanding. And still we can look at them and the word beautiful is enough to describe them.
As a biologist and artist I can combine my passion for art, science and nature to create my illustrations, showing that beauty can be found in every life form.

The region of Vienna, Austria

Art in general is represented in baroque opulence in Vienna, and there is a great variety of contemporary art to be experienced in the metropolis on the Danube. The creative Austrian and international art scene has long discovered Vienna as a fertile ground: numerous museums, special exhibitions, trade fairs and galleries guarantee exciting art enjoyment – non-conformism is a convention.
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