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Jonas Pehrsson

Artist from Stockholm Sweden

About me

My creation is done after a wide range of inspiration, it can be pictures from books and magazines, social media or dreams but the result must always leave some kind of feeling.
Trying to create exciting contrasts by mixing the soft fine and the raw peeled, the dirty sheer. Where both illusions fall apart and where expectations sprout.


Christmas Salon Gallery Grip 2020-12-05 to 2020-12-17
Kyrkvikens Bar & Bistro 2020-06-18 to 2020-08-30 on Ornö
Group exhibition Odenteatern Stockholm 2012
Exhibition Odenteatern Stockholm 2011
Group exhibition Enköping’s Citizens’ House 1986
Jonas Pehrsson
Stockholm, Sweden

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What was your artistic journey?

Self-taught Artist who painted before I could walk

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

About my specific techniques

Paints what I feel for and usually with acrylic paint. It’s abstract and faces sometimes both

The region of Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm reflects financially about one third of GDP of the entire country Sueden.

At the same time, it is on the list of the 10 cities that have the highest GDP per capita. It is a city that many Scandinavian companies choose as their headquarters for business. But also globally it is an important city: there are some of the best universities in Europe. It is noteworthy that in t…
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