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Sculptor from Zakynthos island, Greece

About me

I am a man who enjoys rough textures, raised withn the pureness and the salty wind of Zakynthos city. I have always loved classical arts, and modern arts as well, and radically i couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else beyond what i do now. I was taking drawing classes for 2 years in a workshop but beyond that, I am self-taught artist.


– 2009 first Art GOTHERING, Zakynthos
– 2010 “Mother” exhibition-sculptors and Painters
– 2012 Ministry of civilization, “art on stone”
– 2014 “V. I. S.” Valorization Indentity of Stone, contest 1st award.
– 2015 Artworks for ancient monument of Epidayros
– 2016 personal exhibition, Art on stone, Barrage club-culture
– 2018 “LIFE” fisrt art exhibition for Unesco, Zakynthos
– 2019 “FLAMES” second exhibition for Unesco Zakynthos
– 2020 “SHADOWS OF ART” famous faces carved on stone, Solomos square, Zakynthos
Zakynthos, Eptanisa islands, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

Since I remember my self, I was drawing and at the age of seven I started to carve flowers on stone. My father is a stone Carver. I live through my art and I have already a successful career. I couldn’t imagine my life without my art. I am an old school sculptor and the most of my sculptures are made in marble or stone. I create classic and abstract sculptures in stone.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

Zakynthos island has a great history and a glorious civilization. Unfortunately, an earthquake before 70 years, destroyed a big part of the island and most of the historical monuments. From the wreckage and the ashes though, Zakynthos island has been rebuilt stronger than before, like a proper phoenix. Now it is a constantly evolving island, extremely pure and natural, and a cultural heritage, since ancient Greek times.

About my specific techniques

My special technique is that I can do almost anything with stone and marble. I really enjoy making classical sculptures and also undefinable abstract sculptures.

The region of Zakynthos, Eptanisa islands, Greece

Greece is a very popular country internationally, mostly because of the islands and the really propitious weather. Zakynthos is a Greek island that thousands of people visit every year. It is located at the Ionian open sea, in the southern part of the Eptanisa complex (Eptanisa literally means seven islands). Zakynthos is one of the 10 largest islands in Greece, favorable for its unique nature and…
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