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Eleni Fragou

Photographer from Athens, Greece

About me

Eleni Fragou – Professional photographer

My photography studies were at the technological educational institute of Athens Greece.

The main fields of my work are architectural photography, interiors, hotel photography, products and portraits.Professional experience began in 1995 almost parallely with the studies.

I worked for three years at ”Photographos” (greek magazine for photographers) in the fields of communication, marketing and advertisement.

Professional experience in the fields of communication and advertising, both in Greece and abroad, is a key factor in the creation of imagery that communicates with people while maintaining its artistic nature.

Being a passionate traveller, I take pictures that give details about the people and places I visit; while encapsulating the experiences and feelings that arise from these travels – an aspect of photography I consider to be the most important of them all.

Fine Art photography has always been important part of my work during my
20-year career. Projects are created throughout the years, in parallel with the professional assignments.

Lanscapes, nature, cityscapes, people, street photography are favourite themes of interest. The photos have emotion and are characterized by atmosphere and realism.


Personal Photography exhibition – Collateral Worlds
Art Zone 42 art gallery – (Athens 2012)

Group Photography exhibition – Games in shadow and light
Mosaic Underground (Athens 2014)

Fine Art Photography Book – Colours of Greece – 2019
Pictures from landscapes in Greece
Eleni Fragou
Attika, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

”All these pictures are captured in different places and moments.
Throughout the years I find myself to look into different things but looking for the same impressions.
I am interested in the emotions that light and shadows and colours can create even if I am facing an ”empty” space.
All these sounds that I hear and can be depicted in a picture. All these stories that are not obvious.
Open spaces, seas, landscapes, buildings, reflections, people, have always something to say.
These are usually my thoughts and ideas when creating a picture.
And then the outside world somehow gets connected with my inner world. ”

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

About my specific techniques

The region of Attika, Greece

Every educated person who reads about Athens, the capital of Greece, immediately thinks about ancient glories: the place where Socrates and Plato developed their philosophical and political theories. Majestic temples and ancient marble statues appear in front of the imaginary view. Many stories from the world of gods and legends are woven around t…
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