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Eirini Kostelidou

Painter from Naousa, Greece

About me

“Color couldn’t exist, without someone watching it”.

I’m a Greek Artist and I live in Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

I am proudly self-taught, having discovered my love of painting from my childhood, but I’ve never had the chance to follow my passion.

Recently , I left my current job to follow and invest in my passion,so to have the freedom to follow my colorful brain.

Colors are my inspiration and everyday I try to develop and create new art techniques.

Creating art ,I create dreams.


Project D – Myro Gallery ,Thessaloniki
NGFL 6 & 7- Athinais Cultural Center, Athens
‘The signs of the Aegean Sea”,Pinacotheque, Syros Island
4th ART EXPO-Govedarou Art Gallery
Art’s Birthplace Athina-Time of Art Gallery ,Athens
Athens Open Art-Art Number 23 , Athens-London
Artebinaria-Art Exhibition in Augmented Reality -Florence,Italy
Eirini Kostelidou
Imathia, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

I am proudly self-taught, having discovered my love of painting from my childhood, but never really have the chance to follow my passion.

I used to paint for friends for many years but with long breaks and one morning ,three years ago,I saw an art exhibition for new artists.

It was my first step .

I am very grateful for all the journey I experienced since then and very convinced too that I will never regret it.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

My hometown Naoussa in Central Macedonia and the Greek Islands. I am inspired by colors, sunsets, sunrises, smells and life.

About my specific techniques

My style allows the viewer to experience the artwork through the color combinations and other techniques.

I experiment with various mediums, learning what they could do and I try to develop my own techniques that give my work a unique quality.

The region of Imathia, Greece

One of the first ancient universities the world ever experienced was founded in ancient Mieza by Greek philosopher Aristotle. It was exactly in this place where Aristotle educated Alexander the Great in philosophy, sciences, politics and warfare. It was this unique combination of location, teacher and education that enabled Alexander to conquer the world known at his time.
And as King Phili…
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