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Dimitra Panagiotakou

Painter from Athens, Greece

About me

I have always fascinated by light’s strength, especially when it flows through Greece’s ground. My main aim is to communicate with the society’s core the concepts of freedom, balance and mental uplift that spring from the boundless Greek light and characterizes my work.


Dimitra Panagiotakou
Attika, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

One of my first memories is me grabbing my dad’s brush while he was painting our house and dipping it into his colors. I was always finding a piece of myself deep in that color bucket. Since I created a beautiful family in a young age, it took me some time to re-engage with what I adore; Painting. I studied with excellence in Saint-Painting School of Nikea and want to develop as much as possible the Byzantine Art of Saint-Painting and see how I can experience with lights, colors and textures. And maybe, I will discover things I could never imagine!

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

I grew up in Mani of Greece which is a dynamic place of miracles and castles. The villages and cities of Mani are literally made of stone, rocks of different shapes and colors surround the huge stoned buildings and the fresh olive smell in the air completes a totally magical scenery. But what impresses me the most is the bright light that strikes that rocky scenery. It is mythical for me to observe how mild those stones get when striken but light. That’s one of the things I want to insert to my paintings.

About my specific techniques

I basiclly use acrylics, oils and special guache for byzantine art. I also use coloured dust combined with eggs for that byzantine result.

The region of Attika, Greece

Every educated person who reads about Athens, the capital of Greece, immediately thinks about ancient glories: the place where Socrates and Plato developed their philosophical and political theories. Majestic temples and ancient marble statues appear in front of the imaginary view. Many stories from the world of gods and legends are woven around t…
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