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Egg Carving Artist, Hamburg/Germany

About me

Fragile materials like eggshells challenge me. Creating delicate and lacy little sculptures and moving an ordinary natural material into another dimension by milling it to the point where only the outer shape suggests an egg never ceases to amaze me. I want to take eggs out of their formal purpose for Easter and show that they are so much more.


World Egg Artists Cyber Museum Easter Exhibition
Hamburg, Germany

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What was your artistic journey?

I learned and further perfected egg carving on my own. The road was hard and rocky, often the egg breaks just before completion and I have to start over. No two eggs are alike, the shell is not uniformly thick everywhere and the composition, lime content and surface texture are different every time.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

I am impressed by the traditional patterns of pysanky, a very old wax technique that is still practiced in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Poland. But I am also inspired by geometric patterns, cell structures and those found everywhere in nature.

About my specific techniques

I carve eggs, mostly goose eggs. But also chicken, emu and ostrich eggs. I use a high-speed dental drill with a turbine driven by a compressor. A variety of different burs are used for this purpose. I paint some eggs additionally, others I cover with 24 carat gold leaf.

The region of Hamburg, Germany

Due to its impressive harbor Hamburg always used to have an open mindset. The arrival of different cultures and nationalities have shaped the inhabitants’ behavior on cosmopolitanism.
As the probably most known Hanseatic city in Northern Germany it can be proud of a very long history of merchants and trade.
A few comments on Hamburg with a twinkling eye: the permanently bad weather t…
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