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Cyrielle Recoura

French Painter from Bavaria, Germany

About me

I am a self-taught and independant french artist, living close to Munich, in Germany. I work with two main techniques : collage and abstract painting. I am deeply engaged for women’s rights and equity, especially through the creation of “charity artworks”, who enable me to donate money to heart-picked non-profit organisations.

I genuinely believe that art has the power to make the world better, either by supporting a cause or even just by bringing joy into someone’s life. Color and motion are guidelines in my work, dancing on the canvas with a hint of magic. My artworks are meant to be a source of wonder, of happiness.

My biggest source of inspiration is Nature, and in particular the mountains. I grew up at the foot of the French Alps in Grenoble and today I live right next to the German Alps, in Bavaria. Mountains are something constant in my life, a reassuring and indestructible presence, which has always been there and always will be. People may leave or die, but the mountains will always be there for me.

More generally, I am inspired by what is happening in the world and which particularly affects me, such as the #blacklivesmatter movement or the fight for women’s rights.


Dec 2020 – first Online-Exhibition on YouTube Live & Facebook Live

August 2020 “Nach Regen folgt Sonnenschein” @Ollinger1 Feldkirchen-Westerham, Germany

July 2020 “Nach Regen folgt Sonnenschein” @Arte&Vino Rosenheim, Germany

Feb 2020 PRECIOUS ART in the Galleria Merlino Firenze Florenz, Italy

Nov 2019 Winter exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum Rosenheim, Germany Rosenheim, Germany

Oct 2019 Exhibition as part of the company’s @Duschl Ingenieure 60th anniversary Rosenheim, Germany

April 2019 Spring exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum Rosenheim, Germany

April 2018 First exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum Rosenheim, Germany
Profile pic Apeironart - Cyrielle Recoura Art
Cyrielle Recoura
Bavaria, Germany

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What was your artistic journey?

I actually studied math and computer science but I still decided to become an artist! I’ve always been a creative person, I started by exploring writing – I wrote a novel, who got published in France in 2016 – and I created my first collage artwork in 2017. Since then, I’ve been trying out different techniques and building my own unique style. I’ve been exhibiting my work since 2018 in the south of Bavaria and in Italy.

My two main techniques are collage and acrylic painting.

My collages are reconstructions of landscapes from hundreds of small pieces of magazines meticulously cut and pasted on the canvas. This creates a magical and fascinating result. Thanks to this technique, I deconstruct a reality to reconstruct an imaginary.

My acrylic paintings were originally mostly abstract paintings, created with the innovative Acrylic Pouring technique. They respond to a search for aestheticism, exploring the fusional relationship between color and movement.

Recently, I have started painting a nude serie, aiming to raise awareness about rape culture and sexual violence towards women. ⁣

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

France and the Alps (Bavaria and Austria)

France is my native country, where I grew up, and I evoke in my works some of its social and cultural problems. My latest series of nudes aims to raise public awareness against the culture of rape and sexual violence against women, based among others on a survey conducted in France.

About my specific techniques

Painting : Nudes, Abstracts
Mixed material

The region of Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria’s capital Munich is the city of contrasts.
This city as well as the region are influenced by the northern alpine flair: you’ll meet urban and chic city dwellers as well as tradition-conscious Bavarians in traditional costume. Big industry and tech corporations have established their German headquarter in Munich. This region is characterized by two internationally recognised univ…
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