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Consuelo Palma

Sculpturer and Painter. Chilean-Croatian from Zagreb

About me

My work is a journey through my inner world so I could not specify emotions, it speaks of my life on an emotional, experiential level, which is why it is a mixture of the
unconscious and reason. The expression of emotional experience in a real environment transferred to the unconscious imagination.
Also through my work I try to leave traces, like a river that changes and adapts with each piece it finds, traveling through different emotions, cultures, faces, encounters with the earthly and spiritual.
The connection of my being with the material becomes a journey in which I let myself go and everything rational is diluted in this sea of emotions that try to emerge through
my work. It is a playful adventure that transports me to other dimensions embodied in my work.
I have art in my blood, because it is my way of living and of expressing.
For me it is not just a career, it is part of my soul.


Individual exhibitions:
2019 AMZ gallery. Zagreb
2018 Soul of two worlds – Zagreb City Library Bogdan Ogrizović .
2018 One heart, two lands – Mimara Museum, days of Chilean culture.

Group exhibitions:
2021 Production and exhibition AH5, Hungarian Cultural Center
2020 AH4 Production and exhibition AH3, Hungarian Cultural Center
2019 “Zagreb Ex Tempore ”, Zagreb
2019 “Biennale Internazionale Donna ”, Porto Vecchio , Trieste. Italy
2018 Production and exhibition AH3 Hungarian Cultural Center –
2017 Production and exhibition AH2 , Yunus Emre Institut – Turski kulturni centar.
2017 “More Clay less Plastic” , Galerija Modulor , Zagreb.
2017 Galerija Grada Krapine .
2017 Ivan Zelina , Croatia. Obtaining Declaration of
Excellence . Sisak. Galerija Sv. Ivan Zelina. International Exhibition of Wine Glasses and Trophies.
2016 Production and exhibition – AH, Yunus Emre Institut – Turski kulturni centar.
2015, “Zagreb Ex Tempore” . Zagreb. Participant. In Centar za kultura Trešnjevka .
2016 Sisak. Galerija Sv. Ivan Zelina , Croatia. Winning silver plate, second place. Sisak. Galerija Sv. Ivan Zelina. International Exhibition of Wine Glasses and Trophies.
2014 “MIKS14” , Ambienta , Zagrebački Velasajam. Zagreb.
Consuelo Palma
Zagreb, Croatia

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What was your artistic journey?

I’m a Chilean artist. I have worked in a variety of media, focusing particularly on ceramic sculptures and mixed media paintings.

my training is diverse. first, I graduated in graphic design. And then, driven by my passion for art, I took several courses, such as goldsmithing and graphic arts in Chile, sculpture in the USA and ceramics in Croatia. This route gave me deeply enriching experiences, which led me to the results that you can now appreciate in my work. When I settled in Croatia, I incorporated all this knowledge, transforming it into what is now my life project.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

I think my work is the result of the influence of all my studies, people and surroundings from the different places I have lived. But the greatest influence is the need to express everything that comes from emotions and the inner world that has no words.

About my specific techniques

I believe that my talent is broad and related to the stage of my life, at this moment of my life I am working with ceramic sculptures and paintings with mixed techniques, once I worked with engravings, also with jewelry. My love for art is not closed to a technique or talent – for me art
is freedom, it is exploring different materials and techniques to the extent that creativity and the soul drives you and needs it.

The region of Zagreb, Croatia

The best place to feel the pulse of the city is the local market. At the same time walking the streets of Zagreb one will find that it is a city for cycling and undoubtedly a lively city full of people.
In the heart of the historic center is Gronji Grad, a small but magnificent church, and near the main square the Zagreb Cathedral as the most famous and highest attraction (108 m). The main …
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