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Art by M

Visual artist - photographer, Thessaloniki, Greece

About me

Magdalene Pougoura is a visual artist and photographer, who was born in Xanthi, Greece. After moving in many major cities around Greece, she lives and works in Thessaloniki. She has studied Marketing, Art & Design and Photography in Thessaloniki.
Magdalene had a 24 years success career as a Bank Executive while at the same time continued to pursue her special interests in photography and painting.
Her love for the Greek life and Greek culture led her to deal with journalism. Thus, she is currently a member of the International Federation of Journalists and Writers of Tourism F.I.J.E.T. and F.I.J.E.T. Greece
She participated in a lot of group art shows mainly organized by the Association of Employees of the National Bank of Greece with several distinctions in both painting and photography. In 1998 she has illustrated two children’s books. In 2009 she has received the first price in a European Contest of Photography about Lake Kerkini.
She is married to Konstantinos Kitsoukakis, who, as an artist on iron sculptures, accompanies her in her quests. Their son Apostolos Kitsoukakis Pougouras, in addition to his science, also makes his artistic steps in the field of visual arts and photography.


– Group exhibitions of artists of National Bank of Greece (1982 – 2004)
– 1st European Competition and exhibition for Kerkini Lake (2009)
– 1st meeting of artists of National Bank retired Association, Vafopouleio Spiritual Center, Thessaloniki (2012)
– 2nd meeting of artists of National Bank retired Association, Vafopouleio Spiritual Center, Thessaloniki (2014)
– 2nd International Meeting of Postal Art by photo (2016)
– Personal photo Exhibition at Poeta Bookstore & cafe (2018)
Art by M
Thessaloniki, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

I inherited my artistic nature from my father. From a young age I deal with everything creative. I was making pictures and fairy tales in my mind and I have been painting since I can remember my self. After trying all the other media, I have been involved in oil painting from 12 years old. In painting I prefer oils, ink, pencil and charcoal.
I grabbed a camera from the age of 6 – my father’s Lubitel 2 (which I still have) – and have been photographing ever since.

My motivation is the world around me. The nature. The colours. The sounds. I can not say if I love painting or photography more. It is a need, it is expression. I want to capture images that have something to say, that trigger emotions, that keep the sense of the moment unchanged over time, either with my brushes or my lens.
The time passed and technology came in to help me: computers, editing programs, digital pens and brushes. I started editing my photos or even painting over them, trying with my works to convey the momentary impression of a look, an image, the impulse of the moment, an emotion or a state of mind.

I continue to deal with what expresses me and gives me a feeling of fullness: painting, photography, artistic constructions, nature trips, reading and more. My love for nature and culture even pushed me to engage in journalism as a culture and tourism journalist.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

I often say that I was born in a country with a unique history and so much natural beauty that it pushes you to dream and create, so I could not ignore this inclination of mine.

About my specific techniques

I like to combine photography with painting. So, using digital tools I edit the photos and paint on them

The region of Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is one of the oldest cities in Greece. It was founded by the ancient king Cassander of Macedon about 2,500 years ago and its name comes after Cassander’s wife, Thessalonike, who was daughter of king Phillip II the Macedonian and Alexander the Great’s sister. The etymology of the word comes from the words Thessalos (from the region Thessalia) and Nike, (which stands for victory in …
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