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Antonia Kuntze

Painter from Berlin, Germany

About me

I was born in Berlin and grew up in an art-loving family. Since I was little, I have always loved to paint, draw or was active in crafts. When I paint, I bring my everyday emotions into the artworks – the paintings for me are not just some paint on canvas but instead each of the pieces reflect a fragment of my feelings, thoughts and emotions. For me, painting is almost meditative, as I can give free rein to my thoughts and sensations.

I also like to work on commission, so the following applies for all the paintings:

If you like the style but would prefer to see a different size or color in your room, feel free to email me to and we will find a satisfactory solution.

Made with Love in Austria ♥️


The best is yet to come :)
Antonia Kuntze
Tyrol, Austria

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What was your artistic journey?

I am an entirely self-taught artist, but love to converse with other artists to share techniques and inspiration. From the very beginning I liked strong textures and metallic highlights, so both can be found in almost every painting. For a few months now, I have also been working a lot with leaf metal to make the paintings even more vivid.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

When I’m in nature, I can let my thoughts run free – something I can usually only do when I’m painting. Living in the mountains and being lucky enough to be able to enjoy this beautiful landscape around me every day, these impressions are certainly also strongly reflected in my paintings.

About my specific techniques

I mostly use the following materials:

Acrylic paints, Leaf metal, structure paste, highly pigmented metal paint.

I love the combination of neutral colours like black/white and grey with one or at most two other colours and metallic accents. In this way, I think paintings become eye-catchers without putting themselves in the centre of attention in the room.

The region of Tyrol, Austria

Young contemporary and modern art created by national and international artists: How does that fit together with huge glaciers, spectacular peaks, narrow valleys and an almost incomprehensible, fascinating mountain landscape? In an unexpected and impressive way, Tyrol provides evidence of how the two can be combined radically and conventionally, abstractly and plastically into a harmonious synthes…
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