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Annette Wiese

Painter from Hamburg, Germany

About me

I was born in Hamburg, and also live and paint here. Since I was 3 years old, painting is my great passion.


2004 – 2014 various group exhibitions
2015 Villa Harburg “Frisch gestrichen”
2016 Phoenixhallen “Vollmondfarbtöne”
2017 Fischhalle Harburg “Gold, Gemälde und Trommelwirbel”
2018 Fischhalle Harburg “Das Bild hängt schief”
2019 Picture auction “Über All” at the Museum für Kunst und
Annette Wiese
Hamburg, Germany

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What was your artistic journey?

As a child I began to paint, influenced by my grandmother, who also painted enthusiastically. At the age of five I was in a painting school where I could try out everything. During my school time I participated in various painting courses (oil, watercolor). After finishing school, I worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency, and then later swapped the pen for the paint brush again. Today I paint in my studio or in the “Hamburger Kunsthalle” with various artists.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

The walks through the forest of the south of Hamburg inspired me.

About my specific techniques

On each white canvas I dump a coffee first and let it dry. Afterwards I integrate the resulting fields and lines in my picture, or paint them over,but under each picture is coffee! I prefer to paint in acrylic, with paint brushes, palette knives and also with my hands. Thereby, I use acrylic paints or mix my own with pigments. I also like to use newspapers from all over the world, which come under or on the paint.

The region of Hamburg, Germany

Due to its impressive harbor Hamburg always used to have an open mindset. The arrival of different cultures and nationalities have shaped the inhabitants’ behavior on cosmopolitanism.
As the probably most known Hanseatic city in Northern Germany it can be proud of a very long history of merchants and trade.
A few comments on Hamburg with a twinkling eye: the permanently bad weather t…
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