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Aggeliki Xynogala

Textile designer from Athens, Greece

About me

I never felt that I chose to become an artist, in fact I felt that I needed to.
It is enough for me to activate emotions, thoughts, reflections, quests.
I do not want to guide any emotion, after all, art would not allow this.
There are no limits or paths.
I am obsessed with making things around me more “beautiful”. I wonder though what beauty really is.
Of course I end up with my own version of beauty, as I perceive with my own eyes, with my own aesthetics.


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Aggeliki Xynogala
Attika, Greece

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What was your artistic journey?

I studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design at Technological Educational Institute of Athens, in Greece and continued my postgraduate studies in Art and Space at Kingston University in London.
Studies are definitely a very important resource, they give you all the necessary tools but that alone is not enough.
I have a daily curiosity to learn, to always try for the next step, to make mistakes, to learn from them, to observe the people around me, to remain modern but also timeless, but most importantly not to lose my joy for development.
There is everything around you as long as you want to see them.

Which Region has impacted your artistic journey most and why?

About my specific techniques

My interaction with art and design is an integral part of my life. Apart from my job as an interior designer, I have always been interested in painting as a hobby. I wanted to experiment and transfer my canvas to other forms of application.
Silk suits me perfectly, it is ruthlessly demanding but at the same time it behaves with magnificence, it makes the colors vivid, “clean”, shiny, it highlights the art.
I wanted to find a way for people to wear the art, to have it on them, a luxury in their daily life.
Finally, I only make the design, everything else is done by silk itself.

The region of Attika, Greece

Every educated person who reads about Athens, the capital of Greece, immediately thinks about ancient glories: the place where Socrates and Plato developed their philosophical and political theories. Majestic temples and ancient marble statues appear in front of the imaginary view. Many stories from the world of gods and legends are woven around t…
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