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The optimistic traveller

Published in May, 2021

The optimistic traveller

Published in May, 2021

Early years and international education 

Zeiko Douka charms you from the first minutes you meet her. Friendly, sweet and homely, she shared with us everything one would want to know about herself and her artworks!

In recent years she has been living in Georgia, Greece and England. She was born and raised in Georgia. Before she even started her studies, she got married and became a mother. However, she continued her education and finished her studies as graduated architect. She also completed her studies with a master’s degree in Industrial design later in Moscow. Her journey continued as she moved to Greece where she started working as an architect. Painting came into her life from a very young age, as she typically says. In fact, she literally painted from the time she was born, and painting was in her DNA as everyone in her family reports about her.

Human Centric art

The human factor plays a leading role in her artworks. She is inspired by everything that happens around us human beings. For her, the creation of each painting is a matter of mood and each painting is like a short story, a book to be written in color. It is important for her to visualizing and conveying clearly the messages she wants to pass on to the viewer. She usually uses paint or ink to create her artworks. She is realistic but at the same time romantic. Combining these two elements gives the balanced result she wants to achieve.

A creative love message

A key message she wants to get across is the message of love.

“If you have love inside, it can easily manifest in creative talent.” She wants to convey love for everyone and everything. To message of love is very important for her, because a human in love always see life with a more optimistic perspective. “Our life is very easy; only we as humans sometimes make it difficult”, she reflects in our conervsation.

It is noteworthy that she still cares about who will get some of her work and even after selling a painting she will care and think about how or what it is. This is because she considers it very important that whoever acquires a painting of hers should admire and appreciate it as she does.

Although lately she lives between Athens and London, and two large urban centers, the ideal place for her to stay and create would be a calm and quiet environment surrounded by element of water, such as river or the sea.

Traveling the world opens the mind

Zeiko travelled a lot in her life, so consequently she has to tell many stories about her experiences she made when travelling. Her most beloved city, the city of her soul, is Paris. She loves Paris for the aura it exudes, the culture and the culture it has.

“My dream is for my paintings to travel around the world and reach many recipients, which means that the messages I want to transport, span widely.”

As a painter she really likes bright colors and I always want their combination to be rendered harmoniously. One artist she admires is Leonardo da Vinci.“I dream of myself in a bright studio overlooking the sea and completely dedicated to painting.”

As she said in closing our conversation: “The era we are experiencing is certainly full of difficulties, but we must not put it down as we still have a lot to achieve.” A woman like Zeiko Douka acts definitively as an inspiration for us, sharing with us her dynamic optimism.

We invite you to explore her stunning artworks in her gallery at Apeironart.

Elena Iliadou,

May 17th, 2021


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