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The fairy of Spring

Published in Apr, 2021

The fairy of Spring

Published in April, 2021

When one sees Eirini’s paintings for the first time, they invite the viewer to dream and travel to flowering estates and spring days full of carefree smells and colors. If peace was a season of the year, it would most probably be Spring, where nature wears its goodies and generously gives us all its beauty. Through her art you receive all the lively and playful mood of a spring day, filling your soul with gratitude and joy.
For Erini Kostelidou, inspiration has always existed, and she found ways to channel her energy and inspiration. The last 3 years, however, were crucial for her to start dealing exclusively with the art of painting.

She is a self-taught artist, and her main characteristic is that her thoughts are always dominated by colors. Looking at her artworks, one will find that they certainly express optimism, serenity and positive vibes through all the explosive combination of bright colors. Her mission towards people is to activate and trigger the brain cells to perceive life from the beautiful side. 

Once she received a personal message from a father whose child was impressed and inspired by her artworks and started to paint in the same style. This made her very happy, making herbelieve that she took the right direction, with optimism, colors and joy that makes even the strictest judge feel delighted.

One of her favorite works is “Spring Explosion” was created at a very strange time in her life, when there was incredible inspiration and creativity. When she finished the painting, she was so excited and proud of the result watching it for hours with an inner peace. Colors and nature are her main source of inspiration! What fascinates her most is the fact that there is plenty in nature, in countless shades and ready-made color combinations. One of her mottos is: “Color could not exist without someone watching it”.

Many artists are inspired by their place of origin. Often the very first impressions and smalls as child manifest in a human being’s personal archive. For Eirini her origin was a trigger to leave the big city where she lived and return to her place of origin, choosing life on a farm in nature:  “I think my inspiration is stronger than ever, something that lately I externalize through various projects. I always try to create a momentum of inspiration in order not to lose the intensity of the moment “

Her dream is to do as many things as possible throughout various artforms, using colors in order to heal the “most wounded souls”. She is versatile and always has something new in her mind. Her secret is also endurance, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve what one started with so much passion. With regards to artistic role models, she admires Vincent Van Gogh, not only because he was a self-taught painter, but also due to his huge internal struggle.

In terms of color usage with great mastery, Vincent van Gogh was a pioneer for his time and always timeless.

“A constant investment in what you really love, will surely at some point bring beautiful results and clearly professional success. “For me, absolute success is to make people dream again through my own inspiration but also to inspire people to take advantage of every gift given to them without fear.

“We live in difficult times, so how does Eirini face obstacles?

“Crisis always creates opportunities, as long as we have the right perception and keeping our eyes wide open.

When you see obstacles in front of you, you always might come up with a solution to overcome the difficulties. If you accept the situation as it is and just wait for until the obstacle will go away, some others will appear instead. Consequently, life is after all about problem solving and regarding things from different angles.”

Elena Iliadou

April 7th, 2021

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