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Still waters run deep

Published in Apr, 2021

Still waters run deep

Published in April, 2021

When you talk to Sabine for the first time, you meet an initially calm, almost shy woman. But the impression is deceptive, deep inside a punk rock heart beats. Sabine Yannopoulos was born in Erfurt, Germany.  As a small child in Kindergarten, she already discovered her own creativity. Her mother who was a childcare worker in a kindergarten inspired her to follow this creative path by performing a lot of creative activities with her children. Sabine is thankful for this support that gave her the possibility to unfold her creative talent so early. Later in school as a teenager, her favorite subject was of obviously art education. She still went to visit her mother in Kindergarten and helped working creatively with the children, doing pottery or painting with them.

Sabine continued her journey of learning and attended several art workshops at the painting schools in Erfurt. Her interest in creative designs was and is huge and so she was able to experiment and acquire a wide range of techniques, including creating collages, marbling, encaustic, spray cans, airbrush, silk painting, life drawing, polymer clay and watercolor.

After graduating from school, she naturally wanted to do a creative apprenticeship without neglecting commercial matters. Therefore, she made took the decision to start of with a commercial apprenticeship. In 2000 she applied as advertising clerk in a small advertising agency and started in parallel with oil painting in 2004.

The journey of lifelong learning continued, and Sabine moved to the technical college for technology and design in Oldenburg, where she completed her technical college entrance qualification.

In 2009 Sabine moved to Cologne, Germany and oil painting was still her hobby. She started selling her artworks, the first was a 3-part Tryptichon called Fish.Sabine’s personal life is also a nice representation of the European idea: together with her Greek husband Sabine moved to Vienna, Austria where she currently lives with her children.

Her pictures are characterized by their strength of color and form, and motifs of well-known personalities can be found again and again in their works. In particular, the topic of punk rock and a strong expression of its protagonists seem to be close to her heart.

We are curious to see more of Sabine’s creations in the future and are pretty sure that she will find her artistic recognition in the big European cities.

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