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40 x 35 x 39cm


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Trio Naked

Consuelo Palma

Sculpture composed of 3 ceramic pieces made with the Naked Raku technique. Black and white (greyish) color and old gold spots. The four elements participate in this technique: water, earth, fire and air, resulting in that magical game of organic and spontaneous lines that dress the clay, adapting to its shape. This work was born one summer, on vacation in Dubrovnik, I was modeling it with the energy of the sun, the sea, calm and loved ones. These “rocks” somehow represent that moment and make me travel to that magical moment of creation.

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Consuelo Palma

My work is a journey through my inner world so I could not specify emotions, it speaks of my life on an emotional, experiential level, which is why it is a mixture of the
unconscious and reason. The expression of emotional experience in a real environment transferred to the unconscious imagination.
Also through my work I try to leave traces, like a river that changes and adapts with …
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