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56 x 76cm


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"The matrimony of Zeus"

Ntina Anastasiadou

“The matrimony of Zeus” is inspired by the renowned and gorgeous statue of Zeus and Hera at Austria Parliament Building in Vienna.  Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology has nourished the fantasy of artists through centuries including me. Year of execution: 2014  Medium: ink-wash painting (sumi-e in Japanese) on handmade paper (Fabriano).
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Ntina Anastasiadou

Between East and West
Visual arts, art history and travels have given a special meaning into my life.  If I had not been involved in art I would feel  an aching emptiness in my heart.  Being born Greek I was primarily influenced by the rich ancient cultural heritage of Greece, Italian Renaissance and Impressionist artists in Europe. But my encounter with the culture of Japan, since 1980,…
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