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"Sophia sitting" painting by Domna Delliou

Magdalenes Fine Art

“Sophia sitting”  (Mykonos)
Painting by Domna Delliou, Greek artist
September 2002
Chinese ink and watercolors on paper. Hand signed by the artist.
Dimensions: 13,00  Χ  15,50  cm
Dimensions with frame:  30,00 X 28,00 cm   ___________________________    

The artist captured the ancient Greek beauty and wisdom of the young woman he met and wanted to keep her image over time


The artist herself has said: Thessaloniki is the city that gave birth to me artistically, a city that is alive, human, creative, a crossroads of cultures and history full of inspiration and energy, a womb in which I grew and developed my art.

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Magdalenes Fine Art

I am an art writer, writer and journalist for culture and tourism as representative of FIJET (World Federation of Journalists and Writers of Tourism and Culture). I am also a self taught visual artist and I live in Thessaloniki, Greece.
I have been involved in art for many years, because I am a lover of art in all its forms.
I visit museums and collections of artworks, artists’ works…
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