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Myrsini Alexandridi

The blue has been the colour of my childhood. Sometimes combined with green and some others just reflecting the bright, hot greek sun. Blue has no dimensions and no end. It is infinite and lasts forever as the indisputable beauty of every single greek island. Technique: ceramic paint on glazed surface Dimensions of each tile: 13 x13 cm Dimensions of the whole synthesis: 26×26 cm Flexible wooden wall mount system attached on the back of the tiles.
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Myrsini Alexandridi

Greece is my heritage which I carry with me consciously and unconsciously. On the other hand, Sweden is the place I live where I try to adapt and harmonize my past and my present. My work is balancing between the Mediterranean and the Scandinavian and between architecture and art. My role as an architect have made me understand and embrace the idea of craftmanship. Through this idea I began to exp…
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