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My body my choice - Contemporary Feminist Art

Cyrielle Recoura

Acrylic painting on canvas, 2020. Size : 50x50cm, to be framed (I can do it for you).

This original painting is named after the famous feminist slogan “My body my choice”. It is part of my new serie of nudes, meant to raise awareness about rape culture.

⏩ What is rape culture? It refers to the behaviors in a society which allow sexual violence to be normalized and even justified. Here are a few examples : ⁣
✖️ “come on, did you see how she was dressed?”⁣
✖️ “she was drunk, you can’t call that a rape…” ⁣

An IPSOS survey conducted in France 2019 in collaboration with the association “Mémoire Traumatique et Victimologique” revealed these frightening facts :
  • 27% of people think that a woman wearing an outfit described as “too sexy” is partly responsible for her assault
  • 17% of people consider that many women who say NO (for a sexual intercourse) actually mean YES
  • 18% even imagine that women can take pleasure in being forced (WHAT?!)
The survey was conducted in France but it speaks for many so-called developed countries. As long as people will be asking “what was the victim wearing?”, it will be essential to denounce and dismantle this system of thoughts.
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Cyrielle Recoura

I am a self-taught and independant french artist, living close to Munich, in Germany. I work with two main techniques : collage and abstract painting. I am deeply engaged for women’s rights and equity, especially through the creation of “charity artworks”, who enable me to donate money to heart-picked non-profit organisations.

I genuinely believe that art has the power to make the w…
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