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Lost in Paradise - Collage Artwork

Cyrielle Recoura

Collage Artwork on canvas, 2018. Size : 70 x 50 x 4.5 cm ⁣

This collage depicts the representation of a paradisiacal landscape as can be seen in western culture. It emphasizes the cliché of a magical place with its palmtrees, temples, turquoise water, heavenly islands… It makes us wanna pack a bag and jump in a plane to be resting our bodies and minds in such a peaceful destination, even though a tiny part of us isn’t dupe : this place isn’t real, it’s just a mirage. Peacefulness only comes from within. We can stay lost forever in such an imaginary paradise… or create our own. ⁣

+++ Every single piece of this collage comes from magazines I gathered in South-East Asia two years ago, when I backpacked for 40 days alone through Vietnam and Indonesia.
Such a collage requires approximatively 25 hours of work. +++
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Cyrielle Recoura

I am a self-taught and independant french artist, living close to Munich, in Germany. I work with two main techniques : collage and abstract painting. I am deeply engaged for women’s rights and equity, especially through the creation of “charity artworks”, who enable me to donate money to heart-picked non-profit organisations.

I genuinely believe that art has the power to make the w…
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