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(I'm not your) bitch - Contemporary Feminist Art

Cyrielle Recoura

Acrylic painting on canvas, 2020. Size: 50x50cm + black frame (total size 54x54cm)

Bitch, baby, sweety, slut… We women get called by a thousand nicknames in our life. Some full of love, others rather disrespectful, if not insulting. These words are etched into out memories, carved into our skins. Words can be sharper than knifes.⁣ ⁣

“(I’m not your) bitch” is about all these words, the ones you and I were called since we were born, these names that we carry with us as a second skin.⁣ I asked friends & my community on instagram to tell me which nickname marked them the most. ⁣

And I painted them on my nude’s skin. ⁣

So that people finally realise that such words don’t get blown by the wind, but brand our innocent souls instead.
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Cyrielle Recoura

I am a self-taught and independant french artist, living close to Munich, in Germany. I work with two main techniques : collage and abstract painting. I am deeply engaged for women’s rights and equity, especially through the creation of “charity artworks”, who enable me to donate money to heart-picked non-profit organisations.

I genuinely believe that art has the power to make the w…
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