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"Ascention" Watercolor painting

Karoline Fischer

“Ascention” Fantasy watercolor picture “You can’t be strong all the time. Feelings come and go as they want, not caring much if they’re welcome or not. In the end it doesn’t matter. We were born to feel, to experience this life with all it has to offer, the good and the bad. So let it go, dear one. Time will pass and your sadness will pass with it. Never worry about tomorrow. What good is living in the future anyway? No good at all.” This picture is 17cm in width and 24cm in height. It is painted on white watercolor paper. It will be sold unframed. It is an original piece and it is the original artwork that is being sold here. There are no existing copies of this work. The artwork requires no special treatment and the colors should stay vibrant for many many years to come. Apart from normal watercolor there was also metallic watercolor used, which makes the painting shimmer in changing light.
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Karoline Fischer

The best thing in life are stories. That’s why I’ll always draw and write and create. Stories demand to be told and they don’t really care if you telling them makes you successful, they just wanna be told. And lucky for them I love nothing more than doing exactly that.
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