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Book: The people's Painter : Jorge Goncalves Romero

Jorge Goncalves Romero

THE ART OF JORGE HUMBERTO GONÇALVES ROMERO.  From the search of human existence, revealing its belonging to nature to the denounce of problems of contemporary urban society. Jorge’s love for Venezuela, his native land, where fauna and flora are very important for culture, is tangible in his works. The artist takes inspiration from the colors of his homeland to set the foundations of his very personal style, where the use of bright colors allows the artist to transmit strength to represented figures of men and women. His artworks recall those of Pascual Navarro, because of using strong strokes of layered paints like a bas-relief, of contrasting colors put on canvas with spatulas instead of light-dark shadows.
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Jorge Goncalves Romero

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1958.
His artwork reflects his free view of painting. He attempts to present it simplistically, reflecting a relaxed nature and approach to life. Through strong colors and shapes, he seeks to convey the strength and power of men and women, who end up being one single entity. These shapes do not have the expressions that may be found in real faces or bodies. His a…
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