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29.5 x 28.5 x 37cm


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Consuelo Palma

White clay sculpture. This is a beautiful one-piece work where I reproduce my version of the Apachetas, which were clusters of stones that Incas made as altars dedicated to the Pachamama, in front of them the travellers prayed to be protected on their long journeys through the highlands. This one, in particular, stands out for its delicacy, its white colour, its matte softness. its purity, balance and harmony. Belonging to the Apachetas series.
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Consuelo Palma

My work is a journey through my inner world so I could not specify emotions, it speaks of my life on an emotional, experiential level, which is why it is a mixture of the
unconscious and reason. The expression of emotional experience in a real environment transferred to the unconscious imagination.
Also through my work I try to leave traces, like a river that changes and adapts with …
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