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Are you searching for a place to sell your artwork?


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Q & A

For artists and art sellers

The pure participation on the platform is free of charge, until an artwork is sold.
We charge a percentage for the artwork, according to the price categories ( see Pricing Model). In addition to this fee, 4% financial handling will be charged.
The complete financial rooting will be handling by our financial service provider. You do not have to do something actively youself.
The advertisment we do on Social Media for your artwork is not charged to you.
  • If you are acting as a private person (compare VAT & Invoice aspects) you do not have to write an invoice to the buyer of your artwork.
  • If you are a small business owner, you send the buyer of your artwork a regular invoice.
  • If you are an artist registered as a company, you send the buyer of your artwork a regular invoice.

Every artist, gallery or art seller based in Europe can apply to participate on Apeironart. The following onboarding steps apply:

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. We will get in touch with you within 1 week at the latest.
  3. We will discuss your portfolio and the right way to present you.
  4. You select a minimum of 20 artworks with prices and pictures.
  5. You will then get your personal space in our marketplace.
  6. You will participate in different regional marketing and sales campaigns.

All artworks have to be originals. Apeironart does not sell prints or copies, there are only few exceptions: photography and comics. In both cases the originator defines the maximum of prints provided. This will be defined before the first sale and does not change after all prints have been sold. 
A certificate of origin has to be sent from the artist to the buyer when an artwork is sold. An example of such a certificate will be sent to the artist or art seller when onboarded.

Apeironart respects freedom and diversity of art. 
However, all artworks have to be in accordance with the laws of the European Union.
Any discrimination concerning gender, race, colour, language or religion, national minorities, sexual orientation or financial status is not allowed.
Apeironart will have the last word in taking the decision about the allowance of ambiguous artworks.

Why Apeironart?

What drives us


Pathos – Passion

We love Europe. It is our home and our cultural heritage. We are multilingual and innovative. Apeironart is founded by aesthetics and cultured persons. Our company reflects style and class.


Ethos – Values

We consider ourselves as European and fair entrepreneurs. We aim to have a positive impact on society and economy in the European regions. Apeironart supports social sustainability without loosing sight of the economical focus.

Logos – Our Word

We are a company fully dedicated to quality. The highest levels of quality shall be realised in processes, contents and interactions every day in all our operations.

Kairos – Timing

We respect the “Zeitgeist” by keeping aesthetics, ethics and quality. We aim to be the best “truffle pigs” to find hidden artistic gems.
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