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Mani – Byzantine heritage

Published in Apr, 2021

Mani – Byzantine heritage

Published in April, 2021

Creation and alertness are factors that help you evolve, as Dimitra usually says. From a young age she knew that painting was a world that fascinated her and in which she could express herself. However, her personal conditions of that period postponed her designs and her dreams.

The fact that she was a woman with artistic concerns led her to first get involved in fashion design. Consequently, she started her creative path in this industry and remained there for years.

For the last 10 years, she has made the big decision to pursue and fully dedicate herself to what really fills her: painting. She started as a self-taught painter but her desire to improve was the reason she attended and completed her studies in artistic workshops such as ARTE, in Athens. Her love for hagiography and Byzantine art was the reason she attended the school of Hagiography in Nikea, Attika.

The last months she has been preparing feverishly for entering
the school of fine arts in Athens. This has always been her dream. But how did she get the impetus to change her career path and follow her dream? When moving to another house years ago, she found a box containing all the painting equipment she had, then her son asked her what it was and why she did not give it to him, and she replied to him that this was her personal treasure.

She has always been fascinated by the power of light, especially when it crosses the territory of Greece. Her main goal is to communicate with the core of society the concepts of freedom, balance and mental recovery that emerges from the unlimited Greek light. Dimitra grew up in the Mani, Greece. This wild and natural part of the Southern Peloponnese has an unsurpassed beauty and a landscape full of nature and picturesque castles.

The villages and towns of Mani are literally made of stone, rocks of various shapes and colors surround the huge, cobbled buildings and the fresh smell of olives in the air completes the magical landscape. But what impresses her most is the bright light that strikes this rocky landscape. It is mythical, as she says, when she observes the beauty of buildings with stones when she reflects light on them. This is one of the elements she wants to work on in her artworks.

Although she has lived in Athens for many years, Mani will always be a source of inspiration for her. If someone asks her what her favorite work is, she will answer that “she considers all of them her children”. Nevertheless, the work “Vatheia” has a special place in her heart because it is inspired by an abandoned old village in the Mani. It towers high above the rocky cliffs with a wonderful view of the Messinian Gulf. This village has been uninhabited for years and yet it seems that there is still a lively community in it. In the last few years, a number of initiatives have already started to revitalize the village.

The painting itself depicts a landscape that at first looks dry but in essence marries warm colors and different techniques. At the same time, when she sees it, her childhood memories come to her mind and she feels the freedom and carefreeness of her young age.

She always pays attention to the alternations of light when creating a painting. At the same time, an important factor is the rendering of the emotions of human faces in her paintings.

In general, Dimitra is a person who aims to give joy through her art, optimism and positive feelings. The harmonization of colors, nature, light and emotions is always the focus of her work.

“Life is full of beautiful things for us, but many times we also face difficulties, everything we experience must go ahead and evolve us. With patience and perseverance in the end something positive always comes out!”


Elena Iliadou,

April 26th, 2021

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