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Colour on the Horizon

Published in Apr, 2021

Colour on the Horizon

Published in April, 2021

We meet Annette Wiese via video conference due to the pandemic. Even at the first encounter you get the feeling of a calm woman. A pleasant charisma, tolerance and warmth come across immediately. Annette is undoubtedly a positive and versatile person.

She started painting at the age of three, inspired by her grandmother. A year later she came to a painting school where she could design entire walls. Motivated by her high school art teacher, she began taking art classes. Since then, she has never stopped to constantly educating herself. For over 10 years she has also been represented in the Hamburger Kunsthalle, where she paints with and with various artists.

As a child her grandmother was a great influencer for finding her path, she came into contact with an art school where she was able to fully express her childhood creativity. Throughout her school days, she never lost contact with painting and began attending art courses from high school. Initially the professional goal of interpreter was in the foreground but was then replaced by another profession in the creative industry: Annette became a copywriter at an advertising agency. The experience from this profession flows into the titles of her works of art, among other things. 

Topics such as “the fatal consequences of female emancipation” or “between heaven and hell” stimulate thought and leave plenty of room for personal interpretation.

Annette paints with body and soul and always barefoot. It is interesting to see how skilled manual workers often work barefoot, likewise doctors working in surgery. She lives with her husband and children in Hamburg. Her husband is the primary source for her materials because as he runs a painting business.

However, she also leaves the path of conventional materials and emphasizes that she uses pretty much everything she can get her hands on when it comes to materials. You can find everything from international newspapers to nail polish to acrylic paints. Her artworks are stunning, from color explosions to provoking motifs a variety of creations can be found. She manages to draw the interest in her paintings from her compositions as well from the titles of her artworks, which by the way are only given when finished the work.

The titles of the pictures encourage the viewer to reflect without giving too much of her own interpretation.

Anette’s background image during the video conference is her picture “Fatal consequences of female emancipation”. This leads us to the next topic that we would like to discuss with her, namely the question of successful women artists in the world. She notes that on the international stage, there are predominantly male representatives of their guild who are promoted or who have great careers.
In this context, it is also interesting that her daughter started a technical course and there were definitely comments from fellow students that women are not really welcome in technical professions. Out of this conversation we philosophize about the question of what it really needs so that equality can also take place in the area of international awareness. There are certainly networks, but also the activities related to the topic of “do good and talk about it”. 

But what can be done to give quieter women and artists the chance to be seen? One answer is the online world which can also help to create networks, in order to bundle up female artists thus supporting them to becoming more visible overall.

The gender topic also invites to reflect on Annette’s customers – who are the people buying her pictures? In fact, there are some business people among their buyers who purchase their works to create amazement in the office space. It is apparently less a matter of whether the pictures fit in well in terms of color or furnishings, but more about the impression they provoke. Women tend to buy art differently, she says. Here she rather makes a purchase decision depending on the effective location. In summary, one could say: some prefer the impression, others a more holistic coherence. 

We are fascinated by Annette’s nature and invite our readers to explore her artworks at Apeironart.

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