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Picture or patterns produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile or glass.


Picture or patterns produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile or glass.


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Ancient techniques that never get old

The mosaic technique represents a subcategory of fine art and has been existing since ancient times. In the beginning, mosaics consisted mainly of little stone parts, which were arranged in a specific way to decorate mainly walls and floors of good middle-and upper-class houses, both in ancient Greek, and Roman times. Traditionally the single parts of a mosaic were made of stone particles, the so called “tessera”. The Greek word “tessera” means “four” and means in ancient Greek square, while the main word “Musaicum” derives from Latin and stands for the work of the Muses. Muses in ancient times were together with God Apollo the source of inspiration for art in general. The entire making of a mosaic seems to be a very spiritual process: from selecting and cutting the stones, which is an exhausting work up to designing the actual shape. It takes time, a calm hand and a good eye until the result is ready.


The vivid artworks – made of stone

A finished mosaic artwork is remarkable as the final artwork leaves an impression to the reader who might think that these artworks are vivid.

In many churches and cathedrals all over Europe, you can find depictions of saints or icons made out of such “tesserae shaped” mosaic stones.

As times went by and art experimented with various forms of mosaic technique further materials were used. In the Middle Age ceramic tiles were used more often and recently the use of paper, cloth and leather became popular.

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