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Revived European culture heritage techniques, Accessories to wear.


Revived European culture heritage techniques, Accessories to wear.


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Handicrafts It is a handmade craft, where only simple and non-technological tools such as scissors, carving implements or hooks are used for its construction. This category represents all those creations, which are useful and decorative and are made entirely by the hands of the creator. At the same time it is applied in a wide range of creativity and design, and includes working with fabric, finally come, paper and plant fibers.

Crafts started from ancient civilizations to rural art mainly for the need of materials and goods. Many techniques are considered classic and timeless, as they have been used for centuries. On the other hand, there are modern techniques and inventions, which evolved from existing ones that could only be used in certain specific geographical areas.

Handicrafts in modern times

In modern times, crafts are used for entertainment and expression of creativity of young children, but also as a hobby. This is of course confused with the art design movement, which of course is also practical but mostly the result is positive. In childhood, crafts help to develop their skills, creative interests and the application of patience for this and often see the educational systems both formal and informal.

In Apeironart we believe that like folk art, handicraft production often has a cultural and thought-provoking significance and often a political message such as craftivism.

In many cases we see art items becoming popular for specific periods of time. They suddenly grow rapidly and later are not so widespread until a later revival.

The evolution of society can embody and evolve an art form is to ignore it for some reason something that does not happen after handicrafts, Since it seems to be different and addresses all ages and expresses the aesthetics and creativity of each artist.

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