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Ornaments and articles made from glass.


Ornaments and articles made from glass.


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A historical form of art

The production of glass dated back to 3000 B.C. Originally this technique was developed in the Middle East, mostly in the area of Mesopotamia. These first objects that were made were little containers for cosmetics or jewelry. With the silk road the competences of making glassware came to Europe. Especially the emperors in Rome perfectionated this craft pleasing the population.
While glass began to be used for windows in Roman times, it was during the Medieval Ages that colored and painted glass – stained glass – was widely used for religious buildings.
Another major milestone was the development of Venetian glass.
Due to the existence of the specific local raw material the development of the so called cristallo, the internationally known Venetian glass, was fostered.

Lead crystal was an important innovation in the way from contaminated, colored glass to more pure and clear glass.
The glass production finally scaled alongside the technological inventions that emerged in the industrial age.

Shiny glass treasures at Apeironart

At Apeironart marketplace we present you carefully selected objects made from this wonderful old technique, may they be recently produced or antique.

We have in our portfolio glass art from the Murano technique, stunning Art Nouveau objects and vases from various epochs. Are you looking for some special collector object? Get in touch with us, due to our wide network of market participants we are able to search specifically for objects you collect.

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