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Movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living or working in, such as tables, chairs, or desks.


Movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living or working in, such as tables, chairs, or desks.


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Objects that changed humanity

The evolution of the human beings radically brought newborn necessities for the improvement of human living. Almost 30.000 years ago, research witness that people were already constructing and carving the first “early furniture”, basically primal forms of chairs, beds, even thrones made of wood, stone or animal bones. Even from that period, people had a physical tendency to reform the natural elements (stone, wood, soil etc) so they could use them and improve their living in many ways. With the passing of the time, people’s logic and perception started becoming more efficient, expanded, decorative and convenient. A long time before the evolution of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, we have the first well and sustainably equipped house. The home of Scara Brae in Scotland is almost 3.000 years old. It is the oldest, so called “house”, made of soil, stone and wood, which actually includes movable objects that are identical to wardrobes, beds, tables, selves and chairs. In ancient Egypt and Greece, ceramic and metal materials completed the frame of furniture making. In ancient Greece the craftsmen invented advanced for the period techniques, like the mortise and tenon joint, so they unite two different parts, of wood mostly. This technique is used even nowadays by some of the biggest furniture companies of the world.

Radically, furniture making became more sophisticated. People now had to to build more and more admirable objects, sometimes even decorated with diamonds, rubies, ivory, tortoise shell, glass or gold finishing.

During the medieval period furniture designing and making got heavier, more complexed, and grandiose. Renaissance was a rebirth period for design and arts in general. Greco-Roman designing and structure came back to the game, and furniture was now a dominant element of each house, yard, or palace. Architecture, sculptures, painting, literature, every art or element of wisdom and elegance were now borrowing their core elements to furniture designing. People imitated nature’s curves, textures and colors. The industrial revolution was a decisive factor for furniture designing. The times changed, so did the requirements. Furniture designing obtained depth. Aesthetical appearance, durable materials, artistic influence, decorative purposes, and convenience were only a few of the standards a good piece of furniture should have.

Elegance. Sustainability. Accessibility. In Apeironart we carefully choose our furniture

Today, the furniture industry possesses one of the biggest portions on the global market. People’s goals are different now. A durable table and a relaxing chair are not enough. People have focused on ecofriendly designing the last few decades.

At Apeironart we fully agree to this perspective. Here you will find some of the most elegant, synched and ecofriendly furniture can improve your place’s efficiency, reduce your house’s energy demands and fulfill all your aesthetical needs. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a unique piece of furniture now!

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