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Apeironart GmbH

About us

Apeironart GmbH

United in diversity

This motto defines the idea of Europe on a high level. Europe’s art is based on a rich heritage, history and, most of all, creative diversity.

European art is unique and characterized by high–quality. Many artists or art sellers have no voice, no lobby and are simply not known. They have to be brought to light — their stories and visions have to be heard.

In Ancient Greek, Apeiron denotes infinity. The name Apeironart conveys the idea of infinite possibilities in art. Our vision is to unite Europe in creative diversity by our digital, European art platform. We enable the entire marketing and sales process for artists art art sellers and transform the art community into a new ecosystem.

Our purpose – your value

Apeironart was founded with the vision to unite Europe in creative diversity. We fully believe in Europe as our cultural home and heritage. Invest in a lifetime value and buy a piece of unique and original European art.

In times when many people associate Europe with complex bureaucracy and complicated processes, we strongly believe that it is about time to assign positive and affirmative feelings to this common home. Europe is what we make out of it. What would be more suitable to achieve this beautiful goal with Art. Art in all its forms represents a central element of human culture. We believe that this matter of fact will find the appropriate attention and support.

Europe’s art is based on thousands of years of tradition, from the ancient to modern times. Art has the ability to mirror societal and political circumstances. It invites the audience to reflect on current situations. Art tells without speaking to those who listen.

Not all artists have a lobby or voice to make a living out of their artworks. Some of them lack business or digital experiences. Apeironart considers itself as a stage and a voice for artists, art sellers and galleries. Our marketplace focuses on presenting and selling art and in addition providing quality content around the artists, regions and history. Fine art, decorative and popular art are offered as well as antiques and jewelry.

Apeironart respects the Zeitgeist without losing any aesthetics in our presentation. Whether you are an art collector, an art investor or simply an art lover, you are all more than welcome to explore with us the infinite possibilities of art. We provide dedicated art advisory throughout our comprehensive network of experts.

Core beliefs

What drives us


Pathos – Passion

We love Europe. It is our home and our cultural heritage. We are multilingual and innovative. Apeironart is founded by aesthetics and cultured persons. Our company reflects style and class.


Ethos – Values

We consider ourselves as European and fair entrepreneurs. We aim to have a positive impact on society and economy in the European regions. Apeironart supports social sustainability without loosing sight of the economical focus.

Logos – Our Word

We are a company fully dedicated to quality. The highest levels of quality shall be realised in processes, contents and interactions every day in all our operations.

Kairos – Timing

We respect the “Zeitgeist” by keeping aesthetics, ethics and quality. We aim to be the best “truffle pigs” to find hidden artistic gems.

Our Network

United in diversity is our motto.
We are a motivated team of diverse people with lots of energy, passion and love for art and latest digital technology.

Helena Jochberger

Founder and CEO

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Matthias Mach


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Elena Illiadou


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Markos Pappas

Art Advisor

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SirPauls Digital Agency

Web Development

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Xanthi Hondrou-Hill

Public Relations

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General Questions

Some of our artists create their paintings already with some kind of frame in their mind. They will be happy to select the right frame suitable for the specific artwork for you. 
If the painting is not yet framed, you can specify your need for a frame. 
The costs for framing will then be added to the price of the artwork.

We are very happy to provide you with the right expert for all sorts of art categories. Please get in touch with us at We will assess your wishes and needs and get back to you with individually tailored recommendations. This service is free of charge for you.

There are several ways to present your friends or business partners with artworks. 
As we are individuals, art is always a matter of personal taste and choice. However, there are several ways to make presents:
You get in touch with us and tell us about the personal taste of the person for which you want to choose a gift. We will then be able to give you a set of recommendations.

If you are a business owner looking for art in your office spaces, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to combine arts and business.
This service is free of charge for you.

Finding and buying art

Apeironart is a European orientated company. We represent the artistic work of Europe’s various regions. Therefore, there are two main possibilities to navigate on our site:

Our artists are listed alphabetically. You can either search for your artist by name, the other possibility is to search by specific European regions. In case your admired artist is not yet member of the Apeironart family, you can invite her or him. We will inform you immediately when this artist has joined our community.

All details on the artwork will be listed on the product site to the best of the artists knowledge and visual presentation.
 Do you have any further questions about specific artworks or need more visual insights?
We are happy to answer them together with the creators of the artworks.

In order to acquire your selected artwork you have to go to the product site. There you will find the “Buy now“ button. You will be then routed to the basket site. As soon as you confirm the purchase, we will ask you to fill in your contact data in order to trigger the delivery purposes.

After that you will select your preferred method of payment. As soon as the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation from our financial partner (Stripe). Simultaneously, you will receive an order confirmation from our marketplace about the payment.

Apeironart accepts credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express and transactions via PayPal and upfront banking transfer.
Instalment payment is not provided yet. We will implement this at a later stage in operations.

As soon as you have paid online, the artwork will be reserved exclusively for you. We will get in touch with you to confirm the availability of the artwork and delivery time. We are flexible to agree on a preferred delivery time at the final destination of the artwork.

There are two ways to cancel your order:
The first way is to cancel the order before transportation. That is the easiest way. In such a case, please contact us via email at
A cancellation of the order after shipment can be made within 14 days upon receipt of the artworks. You will get back your payment immediately once the artwork has returned safely to the artist.

If you have any impediment when purchasing; do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Logistics and delivery

The artworks will be packed by the artists. Apeironart partners with various packaging and transportation companies in order to use the appropriate packaging for every artwork. Depending on the destination, dimensions, value and different ways of packaging, insurance and transport will be appointed. 
It is our highest goal to ensure that your beloved artwork will reach you in time and in best shape.

The estimated average delivery time including packaging is around 7 days. Depending on the final destination of the artwork, this average time may vary. We will keep you posted on the effective shipping status.

Depending on the final destination there will be different transport agencies in place. Apeironart cooperates with various shipping partners that support the artist in the shipping process, depending on the size and final destination.

Our artists will ship European art worldwide, respectively to all countries in which the transportation partners operate. 
Do you have any specific request on this? Contact us at sales@apeironart

The delivery and potential return costs will be added to the artwork’s price. Our shipping partners provide transparent and real time pricing.

The artwork will be shipped to the specified address. In case that the buyer of an artwork lives in another country than the recipient, it absolutely possible that the invoice address differs from the shipping address. Please inform us upfront at


Apeironart and all participating artists, galleries and art sellers will always do their very best in order to provide you with a satisfying art buying experience. However, in some cases there will be returns of artworks. The following examples might help you to navigate.

Please contact us under, in case you noticed some damages of your artwork. Please send us a picture in order to assess the damage and we will find the best solution that works for you.
In case of complete damage and disposal you will be refunded.

You have the possibility to inform us about your withdrawal decision until 14 days upon reception of the artwork. The return of the artwork as well as the refunding will then be organised by the artist, the art seller or the gallery. The sales price will be paid back to you as buyer as soon as the artwork has safely returned to its origin. 
In case of withdrawal from the contract, you as the buyer will be in charge for the packaging and transportation cost.

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Markos Pappas
Art Advisor

Every art piece is the outgrowth of an explosive idea, patience, and determination. I have been raised in Parga city of Greece, a beautiful sea-side place that so many people around the world visit. Inspired by those people’s will, power and tendency to create imaginative and fresh reasons for the visitors, alongside with their persistence to maintain the raw beauty of the city, I developed a passion for arts.

After studying Sketch and Design in Athens, I am ready for my next studies in the field of Industrial Designing and Engineering, so I can combine functionality and elegance. And since Apeironart’s philosophy advocates the passion and the ability to unite various creative aspects, I am more than happy to be here and contribute to that dynamic and artistic journey.

Ioli Tsolka
Art Advisor

Born and raised in the center of the country’s capital Athens.
From a young age I began working as a journalist, and in the years that followed I got involved with the exposure and promotion of artists through various projects. That led me to start my own store a few years ago with the primary idea being bringing out the contemporary Greek artistic souvenir.

I strongly believe that the artist is the one that sees the world through the eyes of his heart. My mission is to support and promote all those who create works of art that nourish and evolve the soul. Apeiron means something without end, like art and life.

Xanthi Hondrou-Hill
PR Manager

From early childhood my passion for art and culture grew continuously. I enjoyed both Greek and German education and studied Germanistik and Linguistik at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Working as lecturer for Greek Language at the University marked my professional start, a little later the culture journalism resort at the Stuttgart Zeitung became a further professional destination. Being a lifelong learner I studied in parallel journalism and Public relations. In my role as Public Relations Advisor to the Greek general Consultate in Stuttgart I started designing and organizing various cultural events.

Back in Greece I was involved in designing a tri-lingual website for my hometown Naousa. Since few years I am organizing single handed poetry, music and panting events in cooperation with local councils. Being a part of Apeironart represents a logical continuation of both my passion and competencies.

Miha Hartman
SirPauls Digital Agency

Founded in 2014, SirPauls has developed itself and grown over the years. From a pure online marketing agency to a full service digital agency. In the beginning, Google Ads (then still Google AdWords) and SEO (search engine optimization) were the agency’s core competencies.

However, we quickly noticed that inquiries from web development and web design have also increased. In our day-to-day work, we have noticed ourselves that without a solid foundation (website), the advertising campaigns don’t work as well by far. So we decided to expand our services to include web development and web design. This enables us to offer the customer perfect online support and create the best conditions for maximum success.

Frank Jochberger
Advisor Regions

Born in Dornbirn | Austria, a city from which you can reach four countries within less than half an hour, borders and limits have never been the issues dominating my thoughts, ideas and ambitions. After finishing my international law studies I have worked and lived in Geneva, Brussels and Vienna as a translator and as a legal consultant. 

As a tour guide for trips within and outside of Europe it has been my primary task in the last years to connect all different kinds of people with culture, arts, history and the often thrilling stories behind. It’s the challenging times for artists as well as my passion for connecting people with arts and culture that makes me happy to be part of the Apeironart team.

Elena Illiadou
Art Advisor

Born in the heroic town of Naousa | Greece,  a town of great historical significance and tradition in art, I can’t imagine how the world would be like without art. After completing my studies in the field of International Economic Relations and completing my Master’s degree  in Applied Finance, I worked in the field of Marketing and Sales in Fashion. As I always had a strong compassion regarding social equality and with a sense of humility, I was a founding member of the Charity Organisation “Mom in Action”. 

The magical art journey to “Apeiron” just begins and as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Science and art belong to the whole world, and before them vanish the barriers of nationality” – so I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Matthias Mach

Life is inspiration. I have always been in love with art and it is my intention to provide information on artists and context for works of art in all their varieties.

My focus is on language and communication. After finishing my studies in English and Political Sciences (MA degree), I’ve been working as an editor, copywriter and translator in Stuttgart, Germany, for customers from various sectors.                              

For me, it is a great pleasure to accompany the growth of the concept of Apeironart.

Helena Jochberger
Founder and CEO

I was born into a family of both Greek and German origin. From my very early childhood on I was raised with the European idea that once upon a time was created in ancient Greece. My father as a Greek PhD chemist did not only raise me with stories about history, art and philosophy but he strongly influenced my interest to study information and communications technology. I made my way throughout the European industry holding in my last position a business unit director’s function for the Aerospace sector. After 23 successful years mostly in pioneering areas the time now has come to melt the 3 cornerstones Technology, Art and Network into a new beginning: Apeironart.