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An imaginary road race

Published in May, 2021

An imaginary road race

Published in May, 2021

When having the first glimpse on Maria Vyrra’s artworks, you are literally mind blown with the strong expression in color, structure and aura. Her paintings do not leave you alone, they keep spinning and working in your head. It is our pleasure at Apeironart that she takes part in our European artist family.

The beginning

When Maria decided to pursue art more as her only occupation was around her teenage years when she found out that she had a pretty good visual perception and clearly a design ability in relation to her peers.

When her path led her towards these studies, her family set up obstacles preventing her. She could understand their fears but on the other hand side she could not be apart from her inner calling. After graduating from high school, she studied at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of West Attica and at the same time worked in the private sector for a living. A little later she thought:

“This cannot go on longer, I cannot live the rest of my life without doing what truly expresses me” and so she decided overnight to give up everything she had done until then and started preparing for the entrance exams of the School of Fine Arts in Athens. She knew well the degree of difficulty of the exams due to the huge competition. She attended free hand drawing courses for 9 months alongside two excellent teachers, Michalis Zacharias and Sofia Alexiou, whereas she typically says, “I owe my knowledge regarding free hand drawing to them and now I pass on my turn to my own students”.

From 2008 to 2013 she studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts with laboratory professors Panos Charalambous and Michalis Manousakis.

The works

Her works mostly have a direct imaginary connection with the environment and the elements of nature, whether they are the previous works that were artistic installations in the space with mixed techniques or the later ones that are paintings which are dominated by imaginary landscapes and figures. “At the moment it is what it needs to create and express.” By observing one by one the works which emerge in everything,  there are separate elements which she always tries to incorporate in subsequent works.

The inspiration

The inspiration is drawn from modern images of modern people, they ignite her own painting environment in which she wants to integrate consequently.

“The place I live in is the one I want to escape from and create other places and realities even if they end up being two-dimensional images, only the first morning sky is the one I see, envy and record, that is the basis for the creation of the background in each ongoing project ” she reflects.

She does not like traveling and traveling as much as they are the cause her terrible fears and they are not pleasant at all for her. Nevertheless, after some years, she does not exclude to living abroad, something that she considers necessary for her work and development.


A personal Dream

“My only dream in relation to art is to evolve along with it, my paintings to run in parallel with what is happening in Art worldwide. Above all however, I have to be honest with my own images even and if they do not always correspond to the tastes of the artistic public and the needs of the global art market “.

Some Role Models

The artists she admires are many, contemporary and older ones, but this does not mean that her work is influenced by them. Clearly, she has her own path and tries to evolve it. Some of the artists she admires are John Currin, Tala Madani, Glenn Brown, David Hockney, Tom La Duke, Phil Hale, Pierre Soulages and Mark Rothko.

“In some years from today, I would like my painting style to be fully formed, to create on my own, healthy and calm.” At the same time, she reflects that difficulties have always existed for artists. Beyond that it is a personal matter for everyone to let these difficulties become insurmountable. It’s a road race, it takes patience and stubbornness.

Have a look into Marias Gallery at Apeironart. We are curious to know about your favorite piece.


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